Girls in Tech launches in India as “Girls in Tech India” (11-01-2016)

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  • Posted: October 15, 2016

 Girls in Tech is now foraying into India  as “Girls in Tech India”, Headquartered in Hyderabad focused on the engagement, education and empowerment of women in Technology and Entrepreneurship..

Chief Guests

  • Mr. Michael Mullins, Consul General, US Consulate General, Hyderabad
  • Mr. Jayesh Ranajan, IAS, Secretary ITE&C, Govt of Telangana
  • Guests of Honour
  • Vanitha Datla, Chairperson CII-Telangana and CFO & Executive Director of Elico Ltd
  • Ch. Sailaja Kiron, MD, Margadarsi Chit Fund Pvt. Ltd & Director—Kalanjali Arts and Crafts and Brisah
  • Board of Advisors

It was launched amidst the presence of Chief Guests Mr. Michael Mullins, Consul General, US Consulate General, Hyderabad; Jayesh Ranjan, Secretary to Government, ITE & C, Department, Govt of Telangana; Vanitha Datla, Chairperson CII-Telangana and Ch. Sailaja Kiron, MD of Margadarsi Chit Fund Pvt. Ltd.

Welcoming the gathering Sree Divya Vadlapudi P, National Managing Director of Girls in Tech India said “I stand before you all representing Girls in Tech, a global non-profit organization focused on the engagement, education and empowerment of women in technology and entrepreneurship. This  was born out of the need to provide a platform for women to cultivate ideas, learn new skills and advance their careers in STEM fields. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA (Silicon Valley).  Girls in Tech India is launched keeping the ideologies of the organization intact. It is headquartered in Hyderabad, India. Girls in Tech India exists “to support and raise the visibility of women in STEM, entrepreneurship and innovation.” She said.

In India, the number of women as per statistics in STEM and entrepreneurship is less but is on the rise. However, it still needs attention said Sree Divya.

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Speaking further she added that what was most important to us was to localize the mission in a very effective and an impactful manner and to provide the best of the resources available at Girls in Tech such as resources and events combined with expertise to help members further their educational and professional aspirations.  The idea is to provide right kind of exposure, mentorship, network, enhance skills and knowledge through a range of national and international resource pool, programs, workshops and opportunities to connect and showcase talent.

From the past seven months, Girls in Tech India has been doing events and providing best of resources available before launching to analyze how to localize the mission in India. All of the events were a huge success with amazing national and international partners Sree Divya informed.

Several things were identified during these months, such as the importance of mentors, industry-institutes, providing an exposure after coming out of colleges, helping returning mothers find a path again in their career, providing women entrepreneurs a platform etc.

Our Vision is to involve and work with: US State Dept, The Government, Tech companies, CEO’s, professionals, professional organizations, mentors, industries etc to work hand in hand with us. We believe that with their involvement, our mission and vision can be accomplished and we can benefit a lot of women, Sree Divya added

We believe education and exposure should be meant for all and all at Girls in Tech we would provide them with is a START through our resources and events. Our presence in India began with me and my Founder, Adriana Gascoigne with this thoughtful and passionate vision. Our focus was clear:  Education and exposure to women in STEM and Entrepreneurship, Sree Divya explained.

There are so many talented women in STEM and entrepreneurship in India; we shall be doing a whole range of events in India. We would like to make a huge impact in the lives of many and bridge the technological divide between India and Silicon Valley.  This will help spread our best of resources and events, educational resources to help boost socio-economic development through technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in India!

The events include: Mentorship Program, Hackathons, Entrepreneurial Coding/Design/Workshops/Bootcamps, Lady Pitch Night, Xchange, Catalyst Conference, Global Classroom, GIT Work etc.

We wanted to have a formal launch only when we did a few events and understood how to localize the mission effectively.

My journey started in March. I slowly started meeting people explaining the concept and how to implement it. The real task lied in its implementation. Not everyone understood the cause and the concept. People who did joined us. Slowly, one by one joined us.  We wanted to form committees that strive for the cause. Each and every one that is now part of Girls in Tech India work tirelessly. My team has been really supportive. We all had sleepless nights to early mornings. We believe this is a cause that will surely have a long way to go, she added.

My personal inspiration in this cause is my grandfather, Sadguru Sivananda Murthy. When I wanted to start this in India, I sat with him and asked him:  How do we take this even to the rural and urban alike? He said, you begin your journey. Your inspiration will be “People”.

Sree Divya also unveiled the calendar of events of Girls in Tech India for the year  2015-2016.



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